Focusing on a new anonymous emailing service

Today we are focusing on an anonymous email service called the Email Time Machine.

Send Anonymous Email to anyone Anytime


The business focus forum has always prided ourselves on finding quality businesses that serve everyday people in their everyday needs. This software can give people the option to send an anonymous email from anyone at anytime backdating those emails. The purpose of the Email Time Machine software is to be used for fun and not anything considered illegal. And here at business focus forum, we would never condone such an act. However, we do feel that this software fills a void that people are looking for as there is big Google search volume for this service. And everyone knows that if people are searching for it, it usually fills a void in one way or another. Anonymous email software is a new technology that someone or many people worked very hard on developing and we feel that it was time well spend. Thanks to all of our readers for taking the time to visit our site.

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