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Trucking Industry – Focusing on today’s truck drivers and how things have changed.

Today we are discussing the trucking industry and how up to date they are and how they are treated, updated from our last post..

The competitiveness of the trucking industry has been ever-changing, however, some pieces of it have not kept up… One of those things is how a trucker can buy parts online.

For years, truckers and those alike, have had limited options to buying parts at a good price and conveniently, while continuously moving down the road to make money. Now there is a new site online that helps take care of those truck driver needs. BuyParts.Online allows truck drivers to buy parts at a reasonable price and efficiently.

We would love to hear your thoughts about the subject and what you’ve ran into throughout the years in the trucking industry.

Focusing on the western North Dakota oil boom and the trucking industry supporting it.

Western North Dakota Oil Boom and the Trucking Industry that supports it.

Nelson International Truck in Western North DakotaOver the past 5 years, North Dakota has benefited from the oil boom, however, the trucking industry has been stretched very thin. Drivers are nearly impossible to find, no matter the outrageous amounts of money that they’re offering to pay. One of the companies right in the middle of madness is Nelson International.

Nelson International employees have seen things that most truck dealers have never seen. They also deal with a massive farm community and both are fighting over the roads and even the train freight. For the drivers looking to buy commercial semi truck parts in North Dakota or Minnesota, people have been calling Nelson International and having them ordered UPS Next Day air, no matter the cost.

Another thing that the truck dealership deals with is being able to supply the massive amount of trucks to supply the companies. People will look to buy and lease semi or commercial trucks in this area, and it’s very difficult to get the manufacturer to change the priority of trucks as they are also extremely busy and have other promises that need to be kept.

The final problem and probably the most severe problem in the area is find a place for truck service in the North Dakota and Minnesota region. Nearly every shop in the area is back up for weeks at a time and there is nothing they can do about it.

All and all, it is a very messy place, but if you are looking for a job that pays very well, western North Dakota is the place to be.

Focusing on a new anonymous emailing service

Today we are focusing on an anonymous email service called the Email Time Machine.

Send Anonymous Email to anyone Anytime


The business focus forum has always prided ourselves on finding quality businesses that serve everyday people in their everyday needs. This software can give people the option to send an anonymous email from anyone at anytime backdating those emails. The purpose of the Email Time Machine software is to be used for fun and not anything considered illegal. And here at business focus forum, we would never condone such an act. However, we do feel that this software fills a void that people are looking for as there is big Google search volume for this service. And everyone knows that if people are searching for it, it usually fills a void in one way or another. Anonymous email software is a new technology that someone or many people worked very hard on developing and we feel that it was time well spend. Thanks to all of our readers for taking the time to visit our site.

Automotive Marketing Insight

Focusing on Marketing for Car Dealerships changes the automotive marketing world.Marketing for Car Dealerships can be very intimidating for most companies. It can be very expensive to for smaller companies as well as confusing and intimidating for any of them. Most car dealerships just want to focus on selling cars, not trying to figure out SEO or Mobile websites for example. Learning how to market a car dealership can be extremely difficult. Like any information online, it is nearly impossible to find high quality information especially in one place. Market a Car Dealership dot com is the place to find it. We have heard nothing but positive reviews. They also just received an award for having the “best marketing strategy for car dealerships”. If you are a GM, Marketing Director, Owner or anyone else in charge of marketing, it is definitely worth checking out.

Trucking Industry – Focusing on today’s truck drivers

Today’s Trucking Industry Trends

Focusing on the Trucking industry.Today we are discussing the trucking industry and how up to date they are and how they are treated. Truck drivers for years have “fudged” their time cards to deliver their precious loads to make as much money as possible.

This day and age, that is not possible. Most companies and major fleets have gone to electronic time. So there is no more cheating and now with new trucks prices ranging from $100,000 or more, it is a must to max out your time on the road and have very little down time.

For example, a truck driver that we had interviewed talked about looking to buy a truck in Fargo, ND. He mentioned that he had stopped at a Petro truck stop. He searched online for “Fargo Truck Sales“. He mentioned finding a wonderful website called Fargo Truck. What he found was in his words “amazing”. helped him find the exact truck that he was looking for in a very timely manner. He also found it for a very affordable price and stayed on the road and is now expanding his business.

We would love to hear your thoughts on today’s trucking industry and your experiences.